Euro Meet 2020 Registration


How much does it cost?

Registration fees are per vehicle. There is no charge for spectators and their vehicles. However, as we are restricted to 50 people, we ask you to keep the spectators to a minimum so other people can bring cars.

Registration is $10 per car.

Why pre-register?

As a social gathering, New York COVID-19 rules restrict us to 50 people. We will give priority to cars that have pre-registered. Please pre-register so that we don't have to turn you away at the gate.

How much are T-shirts?

T-shirts are $20 this year. We will take order through the time of the show and then mail them to you a few weeks after.

Will there be food available on-site?

Due to COVID-19 we will not be offering food this year.

How do I pre-register

Add a vehicle

  1. Enter your vehicle information below. Don't worry, if you bring something else we'll be fine with that.

  2. Click Add to Cart

  3. A PayPal window will open showing your cart

  4. Click Continue Shopping > in the upper right or switch back to this window

  5. Repeat for as many vehicles as you plan to bring

Add T-shirts

  1. Select the T-shirt size you would like below

  2. Click Add to Cart

  3. Repeat for additional T-shirts

Finish up

  1. Click View Cart or go to the PayPal window and click one of the Check Out options.

Registration is now closed!

We are at our legal capacity of 50 attendees due to state Covid-19 restrictions. There will be no on-site registration!

Terms and Conditions

AKA the fine print

  1. Online registration will close when we get close to 50 people (not cars).

    1. If there are not 50 people registered we'll allow registrations up to the morning of the show

  2. T-shirt sales will close after the show and then we'll mail the T-shirts to you

  3. Refunds for Registration and T-shirt are possible, but we still get charged PayPal fees.

Please note COVID-19 restrictions

New York State requires us to limit attendance to 50 people.

New York State requires a 14 day quarantine if you are traveling from certain states. Please check the list here..

If you are sick, or have a fever, please stay home and get well.

Cars will be parked 8-10' apart.

Please remember to wear masks when you are not in your vehicle

If you are unwilling, or unable to abide by these rules, please join us for a future show